Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nature restores

I've spent so many days during the last week just thinking and hiking and meditating.  This crazy prolonged election has had me befuddled to say the least.  In some respects I've felt paralyzed, like I didn't know which way I wanted to move till our country made a decision.  Yeah I know that sounds slightly crazy.  

But at the ripe age of 48, I don't think I've ever felt so invested in an election.  I guess I've never heard a politician who moved me until Barack Obama came along.  I am just so very very thankful he is our President.  

I celebrated yesterday with yet another hike.  Breathing the crisp air of autumn, soothing my soul with nature, clearing the cobwebs from my head.  I know I need to do some work as I am so far behind.  

I'm just about re-energized and I'm feeling hopeful again.    


  1. you look about 12 years old in this picture. adorable.

  2. You are so cute I can't stand it! And I share your sentiments...I can't recall ever feeling so much hope or pride.

  3. hiking and meditation....YUM !!!

    and happy about obama....oh my gosh, I'm over the moon about it all !!!!


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