Friday, June 05, 2009

57th Street Art Fair

In Chicagoland? Come see me this weekend at 57th Street Art Fair in the Hyde Park neighborhood. Although the website says the show takes place on 57th Street (which it does) there are also plenty of artists in the school yard where I will be. The lineup of artists is really strong so I feel sure this will be a great show.

On the Internet (duh)? Check out my interview at the MMCA Marketplace.


  1. Great interview on MMCA, Mary Beth. I'm planning on coming out to the Art Fair tomorrow and hope to see you there. I'm glad I popped in here and read that you'll be in the school yard. I was on the website for the fair yesterday and am really excited about the impressive lineup of artists that will be showing!
    Your work is inspiring as always. I would so love to take your class at Valley Ridge this year. Can a novice with absolutely no painting experience glean from it?

  2. john and I had big plans to come see you, but he leaves tomorrow for colorado....damn !


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