Monday, June 08, 2009

Of cats and men

Oy, these cats are driving me insane. You all know that I adopted the adorable Jasper Johns a couple weeks ago, right? All was going fairly well (meaning minimal hissing) until we left for my Chicago show on Friday. My friend Karyl watched the kitties as usual and all I can say is, while the peoples are away the cats will play. Or, in this case, act out. Apparently there was a lot of pooping in the living room.
And who knows what else?
We got home very late last night and it seemed like the whole household had been turned upside down in our absence. There were smells. And 'tudes. BIG 'tudes.
Ugh, ugh and ugh. Not what I had in mind.
In the meantime, the tests of Jasper's stool (ok, ok, I realize this is a family blog) came back and he has roundworm.
Excuse me!?!?!??!?
Did I not get this cat from a rescue? Was he not examined by 2 vets prior to my adoption?
Ugh, ugh and ugh again.
He is now on meds, 2 types, one for all the bacteria in his stool, one for this roundworm.
Izzy remains on meds for her messed up butt.
Gil seems fine, just a little crotchedy (imagine that?).
And me.......well, I hit the Petsmart today and bought the following:

Black Lite to find the smells
Special guaranteed treatment stuff to fix the smells (once we find them)
Herbal stuff to put in the litter boxes to entice cats to pee & poop there
More herbal stuff (a spray) to calm them (you think I could get some of that??)
And a "boundary" spray to keep them out of certain places, I am hesitant to use this as it has lots of chemicals in in and I prefer to stay somewhat holistic.

In other news, I had a kinda crappy show in that I didn't really sell as much as I had hoped. Possible big sale to come though and I am hoping that will happen as it did with my recent Lousiville show.

The good news is that John & I stayed with Pam Sussman and that was a lot of fun. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with she and Richard. Other good news is we hung out with Mary Smith and her hubby, Gary (he is toooooo funny!!). That made the show delightful in spite of cold weather and light crowds.

All in all a fine weekend.


  1. Yuck. That special smell eraser may not be the miracle you are looking for.
    When my cats get made because we left them they poop on my bed. It's not a sweet thing to come home to, not even considering the $35.00 it cost to have it cleaned.
    Now when I leave the bed is covered with a shower curtain. They are pbly pooping in my closet or somewhere.

  2. Anonymous7:19 AM

    You might want to try an ornamental arrangement of eucalyptus branches. That's what they use in "catteries" for the "odors". If you ask, I'll only have to go into detail about that lovely older home that we bought in Whitefish Bay, WI.

  3. Karyl7:20 AM

    Hey! I am not really "anonymous" even though I've wanted to be on occasion...

  4. yikes...I think this is why I have a dog...good luck

  5. Oye! I get the gist of the cat saga. Goodness... yes, it is a delicate balance.

  6. okay so this is NOT the post I want to read considering we just adopted! (see blog for the baby pix) Gotta love your honesty sure isn't always a bed of roses. ; 0 Good luck with the products.


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