Thursday, June 11, 2009

I've been tagged....

Lelainia has tagged me (as she was tagged by Catherine) to answer this question -

What are you about right now - if you had to write down the things in your head at this exact moment in time, what would they be?

So, here this moment, I am about....

Ideas, darting round and round in my head like fireflies.
Grand kids
Classes, fantastic new ones that I am eager to teach.
Disappointing rejection.
Geometric subjects
Gentle breezes
Claybord, oh glorious claybord - the discoveries of my continued play.
Architectural drawings
Dreams of houses
My next show, American Artisan in Nashville, TN
Books, reading Seven Days in the Art World, which is fascinating
Glass beads gifted from my friend Mary Smith
Color, a new triad of paints that I just ordered from Blick
Upcoming beach vacation
Farmers Market
My book, ok I just said it out loud
Champagne Mangoes
Sewing on my new machine
Mom & Dad, I miss them yet can't find a weekend to visit
Shows, inventory needs plague me (its good, I know)
Walking, one foot in front of the other, feeling the earth
Spider webs
Klimt, Jasper Johns, JMW Turner, Hundertwasser
Painting all day and all night


  1. your book?! yay! (about time)

    I didn't see the Ditty Bops in your list. They are at Mad Art on Sunday night.

    p.s. it was good to see you yesterday, however briefly.


  2. MMM! What a great list. xo you MB!

    BOOK?!?!?! DO tell! And congratulations! That's wonderful news! xo

  3. Mary Beth it was so nice to be able to meet you finally. You're work was even more beautiful up close and personal and I am really hopeful about taking your class at Valley Ridge. Congratulations on the book ~ I can't wait to hear more about it!


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