Thursday, May 13, 2010

Finally, an iPhone Camera class

I just realized that my friend LK Ludwig is teaching a class on the iPhone Camera and a tons of apps that she uses. Woo hoo do I ever need this! It sounds absolutely excellent and what a terrific price. And well duh, I mean come one, it's LK!!!! Anyhoo, just boogie on over HERE to check it out.


  1. That's awesome. I still laugh at the memory of seeing you all sitting around the table at lunch with your iPhones and other gadgets. I felt like a caveman with my little regular 'ole phone!

  2. No iPhone here...darn it!
    Hugs and have fun

  3. Hey MaryBeth! I just finished cleaning/organizing my studio, and it inspired me to play around with color. Just made a color chart for Golden Fluid Acrylics Hansa Yellow Med., Cobalt Teal, and Quin Magenta. Love it, love it. Also finally finished up the pieces from class and am varnishing them. So see, your influence continues.....

  4. Great idea, and I just may do it! Would be especially interested in seeing what everyone else comes up with. That is a mighty little phone...

  5. This is a really cool class. Having sooo much fun with the camera apps and lessons in taking photos from LK.


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