Thursday, May 27, 2010

Old is New

                (click to enlarge)
You are no doubt wondering what I've been up to lately.....on a bit of a mania (yikes!), albeit a good one. I have come up with lots of new pieces cause I am simply exploding with ideas.

I've been teaching my private lesson students (at the store) and that is just so much fun- I adore working with people one on one, we accomplish so much and I can tailor the class precisely to their needs. In fact, most of my students come with a specific project in mind and I work with them to accomplish it, "releasing" them once they are confident to proceed on their own. I feel a bit like a Mother Bird, pushing them out of the nest, watching them fly. And they are brilliant of course, capable of so much more than they ever imagined. When I was a kid my Grandpa Hoffman used to say that I should be a teacher. I hope he is watching now as I enjoy this so very much.

In other news, I am more obsessed with texture than ever before. I'm using the Wood Icing paste and it works beautifully with my stencils, so that is quite nice, yippee! These are a couple pieces I finished this week. The techniques here are similar to the ones I am offering in my Three Times Charming class at Art Unraveled in August. Check out the website for details regarding all the classes - still space in both of mine!! And I hear all these people say "Phoenix in August?" Well, guess what, St. Louis is August is ?!? too, as are many areas. So seriously, I welcome the chance to stay in Phoenix making art with other fun peeps - what could be better? I will also vend my stencils and introduce other new items (hint - can you say rubber stamps? They coordinate with the stencils). Yep, you heard it here first.

Well, I gotta boogie and get outside for my walk before the weather turns too beastly. We are having an early hot spell. I hope this does not mean we have been propelled directly into summer? But you never know, we are in St. Louis, after all.


  1. ewww...very cool! Is that cardboard you're adding for even MORE texture? Lovin it.

  2. ohhhh....those are yummy pieces :)

  3. Love your pieces and the texture is fabulous!! Very cool!

  4. Love these pieces !
    I hope you have a super holiday weekend, Lovely Mary-Beth !

  5. i LOVE the wood icing + stencils...I need them both now.

    And just look at you go! classes, art shows, tv, stamps, stencils, book deal and the list goes on... So happy for you! : )

  6. loving the splashes of red in the first one -- great pop factor!:)


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