Monday, May 10, 2010

Great Mail

Got 2 really fun packages in the mail today. Geez, I know the nicest people!

This fabulous card and stack of tunes comes from my friend Pilar who I know only from the Internet (but really hope to meet in person some day). In addition to her other artistic talents, Pilar has a knack for picking out cool music and she never fails to introduce me to interesting musicians I might not have found on my own - because I am old and living under a rock. Ahem.

And that little vintage camera keychain actually lights up (tiny flashlight?) plus makes a neato sound when you depress the shutter, just like the real thing - it makes me want to act like a fashion photographer and keep pushing the button over and over. It comes to me from Carolyn, who I met at Valley Ridge. She is super sweet and I adored having her in my classes. We talked 'camera' and she has now loaded the apps I mentioned here on her phone. I guess she saw this and thought of me - how sweet is that!?!?  And now I will think of her every time I use it.

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  1. This is the really good stuff. On Friday I got a package too, a beautiful necklace and card. It made me all mushy and happy. Glad to hear it is happening for you too.

  2. So cool to get surprise presents in the mail. Sweet!


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