Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weekend recap

So my friend Corinne Smith was in the show with me this past weekend. We are actually 'art fair' friends which means we really don't know each other that well. But I like her a lot and sense that John and I would hang out with she and Steve if we lived near enough to them. They are both very funny and we shared some laughs. I adore Corinne's abstracts, so click here to see her website and check them out.

Here is a pic of my booth on Sunday after we popped the top off. It was looking a little spare as I had sold some stuff (good) and hadn't spread things around yet (bad).

And here is an art fair patron that I rudely documented on my camera - I simply couldn't help myself. I mean check out that rain bonnet! I haven't seen one of those in probably 35 years. Seriously. What is so funny is that she wore this on Sunday which was the totally sunny, no wind day.
And finally, two of the pieces that I recently finished. I like these two a lot. They are 8" wide by 16
tall, painted on MDF in case you are wondering. 

I am currently getting ready for another show this coming weekend, Springfield, IL if you happen to be in that vicinity.


  1. Woohoo ! Sounds like a successful weekend, Talented One. The new pieces are soooo amazing. Good luck with the next steps...
    Hugs !

  2. looks like a great show. you're new work is really beautiful!!

    and thanks for the link to your friends website. her stuff is very interesting.

  3. Both of these are gorgeous and I love how you used your stencils on one - hope the weekend show was a good one. Yes, I think anyone under 50 may not even have ever seen one of those rain bonnets - unless it was on her grandmother :)

  4. My husbands' family lives in Springfield, Ill. Small world! Love your newest pieces too. Beautiful!!
    Have a great show!

  5. Those two pieces are great! Love the richness. Good luck on the next show and stop taking pictures of the poor visitors! (haha)


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