Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's a New Day

What a difference a couple of days makes. This past weekend, I was a freakazoid, just really anxious about all the stuff I have going on and feeling insecure about my ability to accomplish my uber long list of 'to-do's.'

But today the sun is possibly going to shine (imagine that!) and we may even hit the mid thirties. I woke up very energized. And the snow makes it seem bright which cheers me immensely.

I am getting a lot of work done. Stencil design, yum, yum, I can't wait to reveal the new ones. And new classes - Valley Ridge, yep, Kathy is doing it after all, save the date May 13-15 if you are interested. It will be unlike anything I have ever taught, kind of a dream really, conjured up by me and Kathy. I am very excited about it. Should be announced soon, until then mum's the word (sort of).

acrylic, graphite & Wood Icing on claybord
So, in the spirit of my amazing mood, I leave you with new art and one of my favorite songs. 


  1. Can't wait to see what new things you've come up with in stencils. your new class sounds intriguing hope you share are you go.
    Beautiful piece, love the colour combo

  2. i'm so glad you're going to be at VR again....so happy !

  3. I really like the art....thanks for the tune too:) did your assistant pick it out for you?

  4. Love the piece!! Very cool...the textures and the colors!! Fabulous!

  5. oooh new stencils :) any idea when they will be available?! :)


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