Friday, January 07, 2011

Wax on

Encaustic, I did a couple transfers and used my baby stencils in a few spots.
 And just in case anyone is worried that I am not making any 'real' art, the encaustics continue...... These might enlarge if you click on them, not sure.
I have this push/pull thing with the encaustics regarding the texture issue. I love the texture, don't get me wrong, but I think I overdid it in the piece below. I think what I really like is a combination of a smooth glass-like surface with texture in some parts. That is what I was trying to do with the piece above. I am still playing and really can't get enough of it, you know how I adore a challenge.
I used pigments in both these pieces and felt a lot more comfortable creating my paint that way. I felt like I achieved better layering, more akin to how I use Fluid Acrylics in my other work.

In other news, I just got word from Kathy at Valley Ridge that I will be teaching there this year. Oh my oh my, am I ever dancing around the house about this!!!
May 14-15, 2011 - save the date. is going to be a completely different type of class. I can't say anymore just yet, but I am so unbelievably excited that she is diggin' my ideas. Oh how I adore Kathy, she and I are sooooo on the same page.
Another encaustic, too much texture though, not sure if it is finished.    


  1. I am sure your new class will be enriching and exciting! How fun!
    Love the top piece. I agree about the second piece...too much texture. Needs some resting spots.

  2. Thank you SueAnn for your honesty. I really appreciate it. I will have to wait to rework it as the hubster is working on my ventilation.

  3. I adore the second piece just as it is ... but since I know practically nothing about encaustics (oh, how I WISH I had some ventilation in my studio) I'll defer to SueAnn. I can't wait to see how you finish it off. Kudos! So proud of you -yet another challenge I know you will master :)


  4. I seriously love all of them. The texture is just wonderful.

  5. mary lawrence12:13 PM

    Hello and happy 2011 MaryBeth! I'm trying to choose my classes for SAW and I see you are teaching at Valley Ridge in May...can you give any details, since Cathy doesn't have anything posted on the site yet? Is it a similar class? I would love to be able to take two days with you in May and two days with Flora at SAW! BTW, my wonderful hubby pre-ordered your book for me...

  6. Hi Mary - I am teaching different things at SAW and VR. The VR class will be a multi-sensory experience. Email me privately and I can tell you more if you want. Flora's class is already sold out :( for SAW. I wish I could have taken it myself!!


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