Monday, January 03, 2011

My Crystal Ball

Welcome to 2011 or Twenty Eleven, I guess that's what the cool kids are calling this year.

Paperweight by Chris McCarthy, bowl by Rhonda Cearlock

Three days in, I would pronounce this a glorious year; we celebrated with friends (the boys did the cooking, yippee); I then spent Saturday and Sunday wallowing around in my studio and office, organizing schmorganizing cause that is what I am pulled to do at the start of every year. I suspect it is a disease of some sort. Now I feel cleansed and ready to hit the ground running. You wanna jump into my brain for a second?

I have projects both afoot and underfoot. Cats are reclining on some of them.
My book comes out in about 6 weeks, geez Louise, can you believe it?
I am teaching at world class locations during 2011, also planning my Italy teaching gig for 2013; the year is a temptress and I am drifting after her elusive scent. I am simultaneously filled with energy (hmm, maybe that is coffee?) yet scared shitless. 
Blink. Blink.
It is big stuff. The stuff of my dreams but I am awake, right? 
Pinch me.
I'm still just a girl.
And, in other news:
Here's a lovely article about me that was published last week.
Here's the fall lineup for Squam, holy crap (and really now, what *would* holy crap look like? that's tmi, isn't it?) does this look amazing. Come join us!
And don't forget to mail your registration in to Art Unraveled.


  1. re: "holy crap" appearance ~ glowing, perhaps....?

    Look forward to seeing you in September at Squam!

  2. Yee Haw! Looks like another exciting year, fireball!
    And the interview with you was great - just goes to show that we can always learn more about people that fascinate us. I learned even more about you. How cool is that?
    I'm so excited about your book. 3 months away - that's all? Finally!


  3. Loved the "I'm just a girl" because really we are still the girls we were! Looking forward to reading your book!


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