Friday, January 14, 2011

Painted Papers and Artfest update

Could my studio be any more of a mess???

Painted loves to do this.
Waxy papers, made with encaustics.
Stencils, at the ready!
I have a lot of projects 'in the works' as they say. Classes, entries, working on marketing for the book, a charity thingie - geez, you name it. I'm going several different directions at one time. So what's new, you say??

Oh!! If you have considered going to Artfest, I got an email from Teesha that she moved my class into a bigger classroom so we can accommodate more students. And guess what? It's not too late to sign up!! There is still room - just pop on over to the Artfest site and make your choices. Even though it says I'm 'FULL' there are a few openings now that I'm in a bigger spot. Yippeeeeeee!!!!! Won't you join us?


  1. So much fun to immerse your papers and yourself in vivid color. Your pages look so cool!

  2. Painting papers is one of my all time favorite things to do but it really does a number on the sudio and you say could this studio be anymore of a mess.....well considering that I have not had any time to clean up the Christmas art making "mess"....yes, your studio could be more of a could look like MY studio:) Have a good weekend.


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