Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Artfest part 1

Student work from Painting without Fear
I am so jammed up with work right now it is just silly. I am doing a gig tonite for a bunch of interior designers, the local ASID group to be specific. It is an artisan display and I am, well, one of the artisans hoping to get work from them. I already do some designer work and enjoy it quite a bit, soooooo.....I signed up. The idiocy of doing this immediately upon my return from Artfest did not sink in when I filled out the form. Ahem (that was the sound of me smacking myself in the head). But yesterday, in the midst of a laundry and unpacking, Ialso designed a full color 2-sided brochure that I uploaded to Fed-ex/Kinkos. I will display art too, but mainly hope to meet & greet, that sort of thing. I wonder if I can stow wine under my table.

Student work from Painting without Fear
So, until I get to write up a real post about AF, here are a few photos.
Student work from Painting without Fear, blurring was my problem

And as much as I want to show more student photos and talk about Artfest over and over, I am going to refer you to Dayna, who was in my classes. She is a DOLL. Seriously, cute as can be, delightful personality, talented, blahblahblah. I say this about all my students, and she really is.


  1. Mary Beth, did we completely miss seeing each other at AF? I think I saw you from a distance. Please consider yourself hugged hello, from me!!

  2. Beautiful works of art you are featuring! Love them all!

  3. Okay, you know the next thing has got to be a teaching DVD for those of us who live so far away we won't get the chance to enjoy one of your classes in person!
    Hope your meeting went well with the designer!

  4. lynda Howells1:51 PM

    I agree with your words about my wonderful friend Dayna. i met her in paris awhile a good and she so full of life..and SO much fun. I agree about the DVDs or ecourses. L live in Uk and really wish l lived n the States!haxx


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