Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's Week #11 Book Blog Tour

I would like you to meet my friend Deb Trotter. We met over the Internet years ago, I can't even remember when, and have never met in person. But I adore her and we share wonderful phone calls whenever our schedules allow. You probably know Deb by the name of Cowboy's Sweetheart, which is her tagline. Her western themed art is delightful, whimsical, even irreverent at times which makes it oh-so-funny! So naturally I wanted Deb in the book. And she made wonderful work in her "Flavor".

So you know we have been giving things away, right? Well this week is a wing dinger of a give away (is that western talk?). Deb has this deal with Icon Shoes, yes that Icon, where she designs the art that is put on shoes and purses.  All of Icon's products are simply fabulous, so artsy/hip/cool and Deb's, well.......what can I say? They ROCK it!!!

Deb is giving away (yes, giving away!!) an Icon purse, right here on my blog.
I happen to have this same purse so I can reliably speak of its fabulosity, and yes I realize that is not a word. The quality of Icon products can't be beat, the leather is sooooooo supple. And with Deb's design. Well, trust me, you will get tons of compliments on this gem.
To enter for the purse, leave me a comment here on my blog. Beg, I want to hear begging. And trust me, I know begging. The most extraordinary and inventive begger will win this purse.

And then, go over to Deb's blog to enter for a signed copy of my book, with the exclusive stencil. This is the same book that Christen Oliverez (yep, that would be the editor of Somerset Studios) talks about in the May/June issue. I haven't seen the review yet, but friends tell me she says stuff like 'run, don't walk to buy this book'......oh be still my heart. And yeah, maybe I'm braggin' just a little, but geez, I am simply so excited I just can't help myself. 


  1. Who wouldn't love to win that purse! I LOVE purses anyway and certainly NEED another one! So put my name in tha hat....just don't forget which hat you put it in!!! Already have your book and I'm lovin' it....really it is a great book, so much information and inspiration. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

  2. Anonymous10:24 AM

    i would love to own this purse....who wouldn't. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway. Pam Barnes

  3. Me me me me me!!! Please please please please!!! I want this bag. I want it, I need it, I must have it to make my life complete!!! (I hope that was good begging :)

  4. Anonymous1:20 PM

    If you have never met Deb in person, come to Cody and see us both! She is so funny and talented. Happy to have a chance to win! My name is Susan Tantlinger. Sorry, don't have a google id, and my wordpress blog is under my own name.
    Come on by! Great to discover your blog.

  5. Oh Lordy would I love to win such a fine and unique purse, but alas, my ability to beg has been sorely repressed since childhood. I felt an immediate sense of defeat when asked for 'creative begging.' My entire being reeled back in alarm and self preservation! I was educated by my loving but practical parents, to ask once, then suck it up and move on when the answer was no. The consequences of begging soon became something to be avoided at all cost! It's too bad really that I didn't develop a stronger begging gene because I love beautiful art and the very smell and feel of leather is the most seductive thing in the world to me :-)

  6. A PURSE!!! I NEED another purse - are you kidding me, and this one looks FABULOUS!!! I would be the envy of all of northern Michigan with this purse - I would promise to spread both of your names and websites with each OOH, and each AAAH.

  7. Please, please, please, please, please pick me! Pick me! I'm on bended knee, begging and pleading for this chance to win. I love it, I love it, I love it! I'm overwrought with wanting, I must have it! I need it! Pretty please with cherries, chocolate, sugar, honey, strawberries,nuts and butterscotch drizzle on top!!! Kiss, kiss, kiss!

  8. What an exciting double giveaway! I've already left a comment on Deb's site. Now to beg - not quite sure about creative super begging, but let me share WHY I think this beautiful, awesome purse should be mine. I'm still looking for that special man to share my happy times and dancing times. I'd be the Belle of the Sunday night dances here if I came in with this purse and I'd bet I could catch his eye! I'm already retired and single, so believe me I'd carry it every week!! I'd share all about the bag on Facebook, Twitter, my 3 blogs and with my art team on Etsy too if I win. And I'll share about your book too, Mary Beth! Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    Linda - MidwestieLady

  9. I did not have to run, I pre-ordered your book and have already read it once, will do again. Now let's win that purse! I do so very much need that purse.

    And you are an old soul. I feel it too.

  10. I want this purse, I need, desire, covet, long for, and obsess on this purse, because I have no purse. People point and stare at my grocery sack that I carry my wallet in. It would nearly change the course of history, mine especially, if I had this purse. Also, I have no fine clothes, and if I had this purse to start my wardrobe, I would get every single thing to match it, and would be a walking advertisement for accessorizing Deb Trotter's handbags.
    There is a handbag size void in my heart, in my soul, and in my closet. Do you feel my pain yet? The need I have for this purse is put simply in this Haiku, that I am writing for you.

    You can rock my world
    Right all wrongs, inspire songs
    If you pick my name.

    Thank you. Good night.

  11. Do I want this purse?? I think YES!! Gorgeous!! Thank you for the opportunity to win it!!

    Artful Blessings,

  12. I LOVE, LOVE LOVE THIS PURSE. I went on line and hunted for 20 mins. to find an original way of using the word begging, but nothing sounded good enough to me. So, I will just let you know how much I need and want this purse and would cherish winning this purse !!!! I wouldn't wait for people to give me compliments on the purse. I would be showing it off to everyone I see on the streets. In the definitons of begging it says a dog begs by kneeling, so I am kneeling now with my tongue hanging out of my mouth and drooling all over the place. Now I am dancing the twist, mash potatoes, the swim, bugaloo, the 2 step all for you. I don't care that I look really silly, I would do anything to show you how much I LOVE this purse and want to win it. PLEASE.... I will be dreaming of this purse until I hear from you. I see it in my hands now and I am walking down the busy streets of Seattle and having all eyes on me. It's been a few years since I have turned heads so this will be a good thing.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win something this lovely. I better go now, but won't be sleeping a wink until this is over. As my family says "Love your guts" Kath'

  13. I too need a new purse. badly. Dog #5 thought getting a hold of my no longer current purse would be fun. It must have been-for him. Not for me though-along w/favorite lipstick, cell phone, various paper products, coin purse-At least it kept him from chewing up more of my bathroom walls for awhile, but that's another story...

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Consider yourself BEGGED. I adore this bag, in ALL of it's fabulosity. PLEASE :)

  16. (enter crying sounds here)... oh please.. please.. please, please .. I want that purse. All mine are old and worn (sniff sniff).. I can't afford another one (blowing nose here).. I just don't know what to do anymore. I'll do anything.. shine your shoes, shine your husband's shoes, cook for you, clean your house... PLEEESSE????
    (wow.. that was exhausting).

  17. I am back, begging again, since I have nothing but time on my hands since my house burned, and the kids and the dog have run off to the circus, my husband went to England to camp out for a view of the Royal Wedding and perhaps a younger chick on top of that. It is windy, and all my art papers are flying all over Colorado. There are rusty saws in my pond, so no drinking water.
    All of this would be solved with the purse and its "go gettum" spirit.

  18. Okay, I'm back begging again, too. Here's why I want the purse:
    B - because it's beautiful!
    E - exceptionally cool, artsy, so diva-esque, just like me (LOL)
    G - good gravy, girl - it's just cool.

    I'll wear it constantly (I may even sleep with it), and I'll show it off when I come to Art Unraveled, when I go to Art Shows, and well, just everywhere I go. And.. I'll tell 'em about your cool art & stuff.

    Whew, this begging stuff is hard work! Thanks for the fun. (by the way, you're both pretty cool for doing this, and allowing us to to have some fun.)


  19. Oh, please, please, pretty PLEASE!!! I'd SO love to have that purse! PLEEEEASE! :-))

  20. Wow! What a treasure...thank you so much. I came to your blog from a link on Deb Trotter's blog. I'll be a regular visitor now!

  21. Here I am back begging again. I can't stop thinking about this purse and how much I need it and WANT TO WIN IT. I am pleading with you to let me win this wonderful, gorgeous, hip, cool, fabulous purse.
    I am begging you with all my heart and soul and being that I would love to win. I am begging you PLEASE PLEASE let me win this purse. I get made fun of by my family all the time about the purse I am using. It is so outdated and old. I saw on the Doctor Show how many germs old purses carry and mine has enough germs on it to kill a cow. Heck not one cow but the whole field of them. On the Doctor show they would of passed out if they had tested my purse, so PLEASE let me WIN. I will go back to dreaming now. I don't want to leave you but know I can't stay here all day. Thanks so much for considering me as a winner to this GORGEOUS Purse.

  22. If I beg in 100 languages can I win this beautiful purse?

    s'il vous plaît pourrais-je avoir cette bourse

    dan kan ik dit tasje

    моля, може ли да имам този чантата

    prosím, budu muset tuto kabelku


    palun lubage mul see sein

    le do thoil féidir liom a bheith an sparán

    proszę może mam taki torebce

    Bu çanta olabilir lütfen

    Please may I have this purse? What a fun double giveaway!

  23. I know begging too!! LOVE anything be Deb Trotter,and a purse would be please, please pick me!

  24. Thanks for the drawings. I have you new book - inspirational and instructive!

  25. Donna E.10:22 PM

    P~L~E~A~S~E, please, please pick me for Deb's awesome purse. This cowgirl's got the blues and a cool new purse could cure it! :)

  26. Ladies... step away from the purse... I'M BEGGING you, I don't want bloodshed.....up,up,up... don't try it,I'm a crack shot and I know what I want.....hand it I'm going to throw a leg over that little pinto over there at the hitching post and ride smooth outta town... with THAT purse ! YEE HAAAA!!!!!

  27. I beseech and implore you, please, please allow me the honor of attending to this piece of artwork for all the fine days that it may last on this planet.

  28. I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't do anything. I can't cook, or clean, I can't grocerie shop, pay bills, mow the lawn, trim the bushes, build a fire, feed the dog, burb the baby, mend the clothes, fix my husband's lunch, make the beds, wash the dishes, do the laundry, dust, sweep, mop, send emails, faxes, talk on my cell, go on facebook or twitter until I know that this gorgeous purse is going to be in my arms soon. So please please, please let me know that I am the chosen one. I am begging you to let me get back to my life. Hugs Kath'


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