Monday, January 23, 2012

New Classes, busy, busy

I've been busy finalizing my classes for the year. Samples are due for Art Is.....East Coast and West Coast. I have developed new (never before taught) classes and I am rather excited about them. Here is a sneak preview.

I am really diggin' these pieces. The texture is interesting to me and I was having a lot of fun with the very limited palette and scraping, oh how I love to scrape.
I think I want to take these B-I-G......keep playing and see how big I can go.....


  1. I'm loving the detailing on these, all the markings added elements. Taking them big is the way to go MB, looking forward to it!
    That new class is going to be a winner!

  2. MB.. love these.. these colors speak to me.. what do they say? "how you doin? (said in an "godfather" sort of way). really.. great.. the scratches, the circles (I love circular in my pieces).

  3. very interesting details! i hope the new class will be coming my way!

  4. Did you say "new" classes?? oh boy oh boy oh boy! I'm already excited to take one of your classes at Artfest, now I get to look forward to seeing what else you'll be offering in the future.

  5. Wow! I'm loving those textures too! :) Beautiful work!

  6. Those are cool painting. Doing more lessons from your book, and even exploring with encaustic. Will share the images later.

  7. This may actually be the year when we get to be in the same room together, Mary Beth !!!! Stamford. CT in October is a good possibility !!!

    Love the sneak peeks ! Yummy yummy texture !


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