Monday, January 16, 2012

Pull up a chair and stay awhile

And what is she doing now, you might ask?
Well, as I said, pull up a chair......
Remember last year it was all about hats. And in 2009, they were heads.  (wow I look young back then, geez.....).
Anyway, it's the time of year when Chesterfield Arts prepares for the annual ArtFeast fundraiser. I like to help with the decorations because it makes me crawl out of my box and stretch my artistic muscles.
And with Chairs as the theme, well how could I resist!! 
Shown is one batch of the Rigid-wrapped chairs awaiting decoration by artists - there are 50 total. We have another Papier-mâché party today. Last week I drank wine through a straw 'cause my hands were so yuck I could never have managed a glass. How pitiful. But, in defense of my own behavior, we had been working for hours and hours and were just slightly slap happy.
The chairs will serve as centerpieces at the ArtFeast event and will then be auctioned off. I have committed (or I should be committed, I can't remember) to decorate 4 of them. I am apparently planning some sort of timewarp experience as I don't know when I thought I would do all this. Ahem. You have heard this before, haven't you, my dear readers?
Somebody slap me in the head already.
And guess what? Art Unraveled is officially OPEN tomorrow.


  1. Oh I love cool!! They would be so much fun to decorate!

  2. MB - thank God for straws, eh? i bet your chairs will rock the house! see you soon!
    Linda E


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