Thursday, January 12, 2012

Saturday means Valley Ridge

Valley Ridge registration starts this Saturday.
I am really rocked about my collaborative class, which opens the 'season' at VR. My studio partner, Julie Snidle and I will be teaching together and it is all about wax. We will start out by making Batik papers, which is something I love to do. And truly, I could probably spend the entire 3 days doing nothing but that, I like it so much. But wait, there's more! Then we move into encaustic paintings and spend a day with that. The third day we step it up one more notch by adding mixed media to our encaustic paintings. Three whole days of waxy wonder. Ah, life is good.
Julie and I really dig the idea of introducing encaustic painting to people. It's hard to 'get' on your own. I tried learning from books and even an online site, but this is one medium where it really really makes a difference to work together. In person. And the intimacy of Valley Ridge is perfect!  
 Just to be clear, you will still get tons from the class if you already know about encaustics. I mean we have soooo many tricks up our sleeves......I just can't wait!
One of the best parts of this workshop is the non-schlep factor. We are bringing nearly everything you need. All sorts of incredible supplies so you can learn and play and decide which parts of the process you like best before you invest in all the stuff. I think you know what I mean about that, huh.
Anyway, I hope you come join us. This one is going to be special.


  1. I've wanted to play with encaustics since I first saw them at a gallery in Paducah KY maybe 10 years ago. I love the direction your work is going. The encaustic is really nice! Wish I could be in the class!

  2. sounds like a fantastic time, and I believe you about needing that hands on experience when it comes to encaustics. Love the work you posted as well, the second and last one I find really compelling.

  3. Sounds like a fabulous class!!

  4. Love your art. I've signed up for your class at Valley Ridge in April and CAN NOT WAIT! ; ) I do have questions on the material, is there a way to contact you? I did send a friend request through facebook.

    Looking forward to April!



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