Saturday, July 29, 2006

I actually slept till nearly 9 am which is something of a small miracle but totally necessary because I was out partying with the girls last night. Claire, Robin and I went to see the Ditty Bops, a group that has been a favorite of mine for awhile. I honestly can't remember how I first learned of this group. I am thinking they were on one of the Kfog Live at the Archives CD's.

Anyway, I just lovelovelove their funky sound - their voices blend so beautifully that you simply cannot tell who is singing at any given moment and some of the most wonderful harmonies result. They did not disappoint last night despite an acoustically challenged location and a sometimes rude talkative audience(what's up with that people, did you not just pay to attend a concert? Why the heck would you talk all the way through it?!?). But wow, they are terrific entertainers - quirky and adorable - they tell stories, they play-act, they engage the audience, and they sing, oh can they sing.

The duo, Amanda, and Abby, are in the midst of a bike tour across the US. They are doing a very fun blog about their travels which can be found on the Ditty Bops website. You can also order their CD's and other products including the pink t-shirt(love it!) that I got last night.

My friend Heidi was also at the show and she and her hilarious husband Kelly sat with us. We were lucky to get seats and this only happened because I tend to be so anal(yeah, I know I'm a dork) about arriving early to these things. But last night my efforts paid off as the place really filled up and a lot of people were standing (the standers were the talkers by the way, I have noticed a trend here in St. Louis audiences, somehow if you are standing to watch the show, you are somehow exempt from normal etiquette. Huh?).

I swear I am going to sign Heidi up as my stylist (when I become famous hahahaha) because she always looks totally cool and hip in the most inspired outfits that somehow successfully combine vintage and contemporary pieces......such as last night's sheer red and white dress worn on top of very skinny jeans, accessorized with a red patent leather vintage purse and little strappy sandals. She is fashion model tall and lean and gorgeous and she and Kelly are a striking couple.

But it's back to the studio for me today. I've been getting a lot done lately which is good. Gearing up for Minneapolis next weekend. It is a BIG show, as in huge attendance numbers(350,000, yikes!), probably will be the biggest I have ever done. Not to mention we are spending a lot of money to do this show, the booth fee is high, travel costs will be very high as it is FAR from home and we will need 5 nights hotel plus the idiotic gas prices. So I am a little nervous. OK. Make that A LOT nervous.


  1. oh my GAWD...the talkers.i cannot figure out why anyone would be soooo stinkin' rude at a show,clearly not good breeding.
    i so wanted to be in the ditty bop audience,but my husband is so fiercly loyal to lyle that we ended up on the steaming steps of the arch friday night instead...altough it was a reallly great show,as i mentioned to heidi,my heart was longing for the coolness of mad art,the db girls and you all!
    i wish you well on your upcoming show!

  2. i am so glad you are so anal, mb--that retentive quality scored seats for me and my hubby! you rock!

    thanks for the nice words about "my look." you are always a vision your own self, so don't underestimate your ability to self-style! we are the merry-makers so go forth and make some merry, girl!

    good luck at your show. i have a good feeling it will be fantabulous!


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