Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Not my God"

This is a new 12x12, made especially for a juried
exhibit at Art Saint Louis, "Three Things You Should Never Talk About." Luckily, the jurors picked my piece to be in the show, woo hoo!

The Opening is this Saturday and I am anxious to see what other pieces were selected........religion, politics, sex.......what's not to love about the topics, huh?

I'm pleased I managed to hit all 3 of them. This reminded me of when I studied at UC Berkeley; we were always encouraged to push the limits of thought and process. I'm afraid it's been way too long since I have done that and I enjoyed the experience immensely.


  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Oh, keep your fingers crossed that I won't make any comments other than "really, really good work"!

  2. I clicked on this picture cuz I just HAD to see the bigger version! I wanted to read *all* of what you layered in. I love the statement you're making as well as the brazenness of the whole piece. This is just wonderful, MaryBeth! It's important for us all to push the envelope from time to time!

  3. WOW...WOW....WOW......
    First on the show itself and second on the great piece for the show. Oh, if I was back in St. Louis, I'd be going to this show for sure !!!!! Sometimes I just love controversy.


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