Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Contemporary Preview party

Last night was the Preview party.  Here I am standing next to my piece - I love the way it looks like I am holding the name tag in my hand (thanks Darryl for taking the shot!). Yes, I stood right there in the museum and allowed myself to be photographed next to my piece. Cause who knows when I will next be in a museum show and I'm not too proud to be proud, tee, hee.  
This piece is 8" tall by 24" wide, titled Haven Knows - it was part of my show at Jacoby earlier this year.  It is so oddly reminiscent of my Stick a Fork in it Already piece of a couple years ago(click here if you would like to see a picture of it) and this landscape/body shape comes up over and over in my work.  I have come to accept it as a personal symbol.  Stick a fork in it piece hangs in my studio these days.  It is such a highly personal painting as it has a lot of journaling (right on the face of the art) about my struggle with weight, my stomach specifically, and how I really want to learn to accept and love my body.  Haven Knows is an abstracted continuation of those thoughts.  It comes from a more peaceful and grounded place.  
So here I was, at this party, thinking about all this stuff, like I do - brain of mine that I simply cannot manage to turn off for one moment, yee gads.  
We walked out of the museum and what do I find on the ground but one of Jennifer's wish pennies.  Click here to read more about her very interesting project.  The penny I found was about wishing to be thin without being anorexic.  That lil penny has provided a lot of food (yes I'm food obsessed, what can I say-smacks self in head) for thought and how synchronistic I found it just then.  
I have waaaayyyy digressed into other areas here, we can just call this the post that went astray, ha!   
Suffice to say the party was fun.  I caught up with several of my collectors, talked to other artists, just generally had a good time.  And my headband/grey root disguise worked marvelously.  


  1. I love your body as landscape work and can relate to the internal struggle with weight issues, since I have been dealing with that as well. I have even created several pieces on the topic, including "In the Name of Beauty" which is featured in the Darkest Dreams show.

    I find it unfortunate that so many women have been culturally conditioned to be preoccupied with their weight, especially since I know many who amazing, interesting, spiritual women who look at things beyond the surface and I would wish that they weren't also obsessed with their appearances. It is awfully easy to get wrapped up in that, though, for all that there are far more worrisome things to concern ourselves with (the economy, the war, the environment...).

    And thank you for posting a link to my Penny Project blog!

  2. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Aren't you beautiful with you big smile and cool new doo!

    What a beautiful piece. I am so excited for you. Congrats MB!



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