Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's been awhile since I've talked about any of my oddball eating habits.  Some of you may remember last summer when I ate yogurt with bee pollen every single day for lunch.  Naturally I can't give up my daily yogurt, but the ingredients have changed, plus I have switched from the Greek yogurt to artisan yogurts.   A couple I really like - Trader's Point Creamery and Seven Stars Farm are yummy.    
Anyhoo, here's my "recipe":
3/4 cup yogurt 
2 T. Hemp hearts
1 t. Chia seeds
1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 cup Fiber One cereal
This is what I eat every single day for lunch.  Except for today when I had a partial lobotomy (apparently while I was having my hair cut) and drove through White Castle  on the way home.  One double cheeseburger, no onions thankyouverymuch.

The Hemp hearts rock though - they're a great source of protein, give you tons of energy and definitely curb your appetite.  I strongly recommend them!  The Chia seeds have a lot of Omega 3, are a good source of fiber, and are also believed to boost your immune system.  Though I will confess I have this vision I am growing little Chia plants in my belly, tee, hee.

Yesterday, in an effort to make a "healthy" chocolate dish, I baked this weird brownie/fudge concoction that I heard about.  You take a brownie mix and then add 2 cups of pumpkin.  Bake for 30 minutes, then refrigerate.  It is actually pretty good.  I often think box brownies are too sweet anyway, so this is a nice alternative.  The consistency is a bit odd, a tad rubbery.  But I like the flavor a lot. 

And I crossed off 2 more items from my To Do list, yippee!!! 


  1. so do you get all the ingredients you us at Trader Joe's ???

    or do you have to shop around??

    it all sounds interesting and since you are such a live wire, I figure people must go around saying, "I'll have whatever she's having"

    so now....I want to try it !!!

  2. that would be USE....no US in that first line !!!

  3. What do hemp hearts taste like and where do you find them?

  4. I have used various canned fruits and pie fillings as a substitute for water (and sometimes vegetable oil) in cake mixes, although some work better than others. It is best to use mixes that don't have pudding in them for this.

    Pumpkin is pretty dense, but crumbles up well if you want to use the cake as a basis for a trifle or something. Apples and applesauce are also good in spice cake.

    Pineapple is high in acid and can cause the cake mix not to set up right, but it sure is yummy when it does or if you don't mind your cake breaking apart easily. Pineapple is good with coconut in yellow or white cake mix and the coconut can help hold it together.

    Canned cherry pie filling and a touch of almond extract in devil's food cake are amazing. This came out of one of my mother's recipes that she got from someone her mother knew, and it is excellent. This started my whole "experimenting with canned fruit in cake mix" thing.


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