Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Meet John Gutoskey

Assemblage artist extraordinaire.  Pronounce it the art speak way.....ahhh-sem-blahj....because this guy is the real deal.  

I met John at the Krasl Art Fair a few weeks ago.  It was his first art fair ever.  He was a wreck from nerves, hadn't slept a wink, practically delirious from worrying about every little detail of the show.  I was doing my usual speed walk of the show, just to see if there was anyone new, something I hadn't seen before, art that jumped out at me. 

And oh my, did it ever.  The color, the intricacy of detail, the repetition.....kitschy yet symbolic, whimsical yet deeply moving.  You could study this work for a long time trying to unravel what it meant for the artist and for you, the viewer.  And I knew that this guy was not just another wannabee assemblage artist. 

Lucky for St. Louis, he will be here in September at the St. Louis Art Fair.  So go and see him there.  He's a doll and you will love the art. Obviously, don't forget to come over to Schlafly and see me too, wink, wink.

You can see more work at John's here.   

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  1. wow! Thanks for sharing this "new" artist! John's work is captivating, the colors and details are totally exciting for the eyes. Very cool!


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