Monday, July 14, 2008

Summertime/Open Studio this weekend

Thought I would share one of my vacation photos today.  Isn't this a lovely little spot of paradise?
I am relaxed, energized and full of new ideas.  The show at Krasl was good - there is something kind of cool about going on vacation and ending it with a show so you come home with money in your pocket.  The sweet life indeed.  

We drove over 6 hours to get home last night.  Yeah, it's a little crazy, but I've got to get ready for the Open Studio event at The Contemporary.  While we were gone, I got an email that the alternative exhibition building (which is where I am showing my work and I've never seen the space) will be available for viewing today (Monday) from 11-1.  Well  duh, I obviously want to see it, measure my linear feet, check on what type of lighting I need, etc.  So, John and I boogied home as quickly as possible and I'm headed down there shortly.  Thank goodness for laptops and being connected.  It's absolutely vital when you are in biz for yourself, I swear.
I'm also going to check out spaces for my buddies Greg & Heather, who are also exhibiting on Sunday, but can't go today.  Greg has a photo shoot - imagine, he has a day job, tee, hee.  And Heather's van broke down coming home from her Chicago show.  Thank goodness Amie's with her, but their big adventure has gotten a lot bigger as they are now stuck in the middle of Illinois, camping until the van can be fixed.  I feel horrible as we apparently drove right by them last night.  Ugh, we talked on the phone later and nothing could have been done since our truck was packed to the gills and we couldn't have wedged them in if we had wanted.  Plus they more or less need to stay there to bring the van home.  But darn it anyway, wish we could have helped.......the least I can do is let Heather know what to expect from her space, so I will email her photos later today.  And keep my fingers crossed that her van can be fixed for a minimal cost and she and Amie get home soon, safe and sound.

SO....If you're here in St. Louis, definitely mark your calendar for this SUNDAY, July 20th from 10-4 when I will exhibit at Chouteau's Landing, 750 South 4th Street from 10am-4pm.  The building will be jammed with all us "alternative space" artists so it's a great opportunity to see a bunch of art under one roof.  I'm bringing a variety of new works plus I'll do demos and serve snacks and drinks (yes, some of us went crazy and bought a keg!).  Expect an art party.

And, while you're at it, come on down to The Contemporary on Tuesday night for the Preview Party.  It should be a blast; it was last year - 5:30-9:30 at the museum.  I'll be one of the many artists spazzin' out about seeing their work on a museum wall.  

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  1. This event is going to be great. I checked out the alternative space today and, although it is very raw, it has a lot of potential. I can't wait to see it with artists displaying their work.


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