Wednesday, July 02, 2008

You might wonder where I've been.  I'm still here, just fiercely busy getting ready for my next show, trying to get ready for vacation(I am sooooo ready!) and also juggling to make work for the Contemporary Art Museum's Open Studio event.  Plus my parents were here.  Plus I have pieces in 2 shows.  Plus new works wanted by galleries.  Plus I have a commission pending. Blah.Blah.Blah. It's all good.

I do have news though!!  I am thrilled to announce I will be teaching 2 classes at Artfest in 2009. Yippee!!  Watch my blog for more detail; the Artfest website, with the entire class list will be posted on August 1st.  I am teaching the same Claybord class from last year, plus a new claybord class that will have even more techniques.  They are stand alone classes, or you can do both of them.  Details coming soon...

And in other news, I painted with Kool-aid tonite.  Yep, I really did.  It was a project my step daughter heard about.  So easy - basically you take 2 tablespoons of water and mix with a package of Kool-aid.  We made up 5 colors.  After they are dry, all the painted spots become scratch and sniff!?!?!?  Isn't that cool?  Seriously, it was way fun.  Too bad I can't find a way to work that it into my usual repertoire.

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