Sunday, July 27, 2008

I've been dog sitting the past few days.  It has been strangely relaxing.  There are so many times when I swear I prefer the company of animals.  Go figure.  
At any rate, I've been living at Claire's house and hanging out with the adorable and affable, Dudley, a large Labradoodle.  Unfortunately, we had a ton of rain during my stay and we didn't get to enjoy all the long hikes I had planned.  But I could tell he needed some exercise so on day two, I sucked it up and took him to the Dog Park in the rain.  I threw his ball so many times I lost count.  He ran like a beast retrieving his ball over and over, then wallowing in trenches of rain water.  I had to dry him off and comb him out once we got home.  And then he was utterly exhausted for the rest of the day.  Which undoubtedly explains his boredom with my Sound Bites, tee, hee.  
I am replenishing inventory for 3 (yes, that is THREE) shows in a row in August in case you are wondering.  

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