Thursday, January 08, 2009

Face Off

Ok, I tried another self portrait today.  I am still too much of a wussy girl to use paint, perhaps in a day or two.  This one was done after my workout (again, that has turned into a good journal time) and I even set the timer for 30 minutes cause I had to shower in order to go to Chesterfield to work on the heads.  Anyhoo, I was so engrossed in the drawing I didn't even hear my timer, was late getting to the showerand even later to Chesterfield.  Oh well, what can 
I say?  
Drawing myself continues to be a challenge.  I had a mirror in front of me for this one, and I 
really tried to do the right brain/left brain thing to dis-engage my brain and just draw shapes.  But it is especially hard when it's your own face.  Parts of this were blind, like that chin.  It was really jowly (is that a word?) at first and I changed it some but then decided I sort of liked the odd juxtaposition of it.  Go figure.

Anyhoo, on the topic of faces, here are my finished heads.  I am now working on two more, I  These darn things have crawled under my skin.  I have prepped canvasses all over my studio, upcoming solo show, blahblahblah.  So what do I do!?!?!?  Paint styrofoam heads.  Oh somebody slap me already.  
But they are so much fun.  I am especially fond of the 2nd from the left, she has a 45 record on her head, I don't know if you can tell from 
the picture.  

In other news, the website and classes for 
Squam are posted.  Check it out here.
Oh my oh my, how wonderful it all looks, I can hardly wait.  


  1. OH, am I going to miss Squam AGAIN ?!?!?!

    well, I'm still going to go look at stuff and feel jealous. so, there.

  2. have been soooo busy making really great stuff !!!

    I haven't done any art yet for misty's little project....I just can't pull paints out to play with when I have sand to play in !!!

    are you feeling better ???

    and the time in florida is going to be cut our 17 year old is proving to be more than our 21 can handle...what a little shit he is !!!
    {there will more on this later}


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