Monday, January 12, 2009

Manic Mondays 2

I painted all weekend.  Like every moment, I kid you not.  I am physically wiped as it is hard work especially with such a b-i-g canvas.  So hard to turn it and get my drips where I want them.  It was insane.  As you can see, the studio is a wreck.  Yes, those are my socks, ruined with paint.  I think I am going to keep them to wear as painting booties; my studio is kind of cold and I always manage to kick off my shoes.  And the other 2 pieces were "in between" work.

Despite hours and hours of work, the 54x54 is not where I want it to be.  It is coming along, but I'm in an ugly spot at the moment and have migrated waaaaayyyyy off course.  Typically that happens, but I feel frustrated right now.  This is part of the challenge of abstract painting for me. It is so pure - color, composition, shape, line, texture, value.  And it is so friggin' hard.  I feel like I bleed on each and every painting.  
Not really of course, but you know what I mean.
I guess I'm feeling a little down about it.  I just reviewed all my step by step studio shots (which I have never done before, taken step by step photos) and they have depressed me.  Ugh. 

In happier news, TODAY is the day I will be interviewed on Feisty Females Radio.  Sheri and I will talk about me (duh) and her upcoming book, Creative Awakenings.  I am a contributor in the book and can not wait (!!!!) to see it.  It is available for pre-order on Amazon.   

Anyhoo, if you want to hear the broadcast live (and also have the chance to ask me questions), click over here to get a pin # for the phone call. 
It's free by the way.  And will also be available afterwards, I will link it up here. 


  1. Wow! Your space is almost as wacky as mine!

    It is hard to get so close to a project, so immersed, and then when it's not working out, we just push and push sometimes. And then sometimes when we leave it be... something amazing happens. We come back and the answers are right there. I wonder how often this worked for Hockney? Rothko? Charles Schultz?

  2. I too feel your pain. Many a project I have bled over (in particular those involving red bull cans...oh wait that was REAL blood!) You've got to step away and do something that involves a different part of the brain...accounting perhaps. Come back in a few days. I know it will be MB-Awesome as always. Love the space pix esp. the socks!

  3. Anonymous10:36 AM

    ok so this is a different Sheri saying I know how you feel... my area is a mess today! I also wanted to say that I love your style of painting. :)


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