Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow, glorious snow

Well, it is finally here - the much talked about and predicted snow storm - and yes, I did go to the grocery to buy eggs and milk (and nuts, God forbid I would run out of nuts).  Good grief, the media has been talking about this thing non-stop for days now.  From video cameras on the dashboard of reporter's cars (come on people!!!) to emails received by our meteorologists, general insanity.  I think St. Louis is more southern that I realized, like the city seems to be completely disabled by a lil ole snow.  The schools are on their second day of cancellations, today is probably warranted - I don't know about yesterday though as we had to be out and the roads seemed fine.  Anyhoo, we have about 5 inches and it is that purty fluffy snow, lovely to look at and oh-so-bright.  It is cheerful.  
Much like my paste paints, ready for classes on Friday and Saturday.  I played with them yesterday, messing around with a variety of palette combinations.  Oh-so-fun!

1 comment:

  1. only the first snow is pretty and after that it's all crap I tell ya !!!


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