Monday, April 06, 2009

Artfest Recap

I am back from Artfest and it was glorious, oh so glorious. I taught 2 classes, both on Claybord. My students were genius I swear; I was simply blown away by the amazing work they created. It is incredible when I see someone resonate with new techniques and it is magical when I witness them utilizing these techniques within their own artistic voice. What a rewarding time for me as a teacher.

The me as a student got to take a class with Lisa Engelbrecht. She started out with black letter calligraphy then moved to some more informal alphabets ranging from the Sailor Jerry tattoo to a "scribble" alphabet of our own design. It was terrific fun and I can't wait to try to integrate this mark making into my own work.

If you missed Artfest, you can catch my Claybord classes at Valley
and Squam, both held later this year. I will be doing a 2-day "everything I know" kind of claybord class at Valley Ridge. I am looking forward to sharing all my tricks. The classes at Squam are one day each, just like these at Artfest.


  1. wow, i'm surprised you had the energy to post! it was great to see you again. heard lots of nice comments at Artfest about your classes. take care.

  2. Great photos from class, MB! I'll bet your students are excited, too...

  3. You are a great teacher, very open and giving, easy to learn from. Daris

  4. very jealous...would have loved to be a student! gorgeous work going on!

  5. Your students' work was amazingly wonderful- totally rocked! It wa slovely to spend time with you!!!


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