Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I found this neat music site this morning......it's called Musicovery, just click the link to check it out for yourself. The music is organized either by Mood or by Dance tempo. Geez, could this be more perfect! I think I invented this in my head, tee, hee.

Typically I listen to Pandora while I'm in the studio, mainly because its so easy. But this is much more sophisticated. With Musicovery you can pick by mood or dance tempo. Then, within that category, you can put a decade range. You can label your faves; you can mark tunes you don't want to hear again; you can opt to hear only less popular "discovery" artists (which is a fun way to find new music), and (if you have a mac) you can link all this functionality up with your iTunes library. You can also look at the play list you've been listening to and link to purchase options. I'm about 10 minutes new to the site, but it seems just way way way cool, specially for a moody Cancer moon child like me. Did I mention its free?

Only downside is the sign up page is in French, but I muddled through, so I'm sure you can too.

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