Thursday, April 16, 2009

Things go Better with Coke

I love collecting art from artists I admire. At a recent auction/fundraiser for Art Saint Louis, I was beyond thrilled to win a piece by Brian Smith.
It was slightly embarrassing to stalk the bidding form like I did, but I think you will agree it was worth it. The piece is back from the framers and I just adore the way it looks in our living room. It's an oil on paper in case you are interested, rich in color and texture. The way it plays off my Coke machine is terrific. The glass is by another friend of mine, Tony Cray.

This room is now filled with some of my favorite things. The Coke machine came from my grandfather's gas station and it is a treasure. The piano was my split from a divorce (I mean really, who wants practical stuff - I gave him all that just so I could keep my piano).

And you think I need furniture? Ah,that's over-rated too, ha! The other half of this room houses my big round puzzle table. And believe me, we spend more hours there than we would on any stinkin' living room furniture :-)

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