Thursday, April 30, 2009

And the beat goes on

Now that I am back home I'm tackling the enormous list that I made while at the show. It is full of lots of show related things such as more boxes for greeting cards (duh, can you believe I ran out of boxes for my faboo new cards - I sold out instantly of course. Slaps self in forehead).

I also want to have some shelving put in the truck so I can transport my paintings in a more secure manner. In recent years I have painted in just a few sizes, so it was easy to "batch" the works and pack them in the truck. My new abstracts are a variety of sizes(including the mongo 40"x40") and organizing them for packing was just a disaster. I felt extremely un-organized (not a good feeling for me) and was a wreck during the entire drive worrying about possible damage.

Yesterday I got lucky at our local Jo-Ann Fabrics (which is going out of business so they can reopen at a new location about 500 yards away). I bought a roll of headliner material. I didn't even know what it was, but some women in the store told me it is used as headliners in cars? It is foamy on one side and sort of nylon on the other. Seems very sturdy yet soft (won't scratch the work) and the roll/bolt is 60" wide. I got nearly 10 yards of it for less than $30. I plan to make pocket envelope thingies for the largest paintings. Then I will buy pipe insulation which will wrap around the edges to protect the frames from dents.

Sounds weird, doesn't it? I think it's going to work though. Pics will be posted once I get it together.


  1. actually it all sounds like a shit load of work and would give me a migraine...but you're a trooper like that so I know how hard you work to make things efficient and rock !

  2. deanna9:21 PM

    just a thought, you could use swim noodles instead of pipe insulation (cheaper)


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