Monday, April 20, 2009


I had the Stumble toolbar on my old computer and had (mercifully) forgotten about it when I got my iMac. Something reminded me this morning - possibly my commitment to avoid work at all costs?
Anyhow, I've been "stumbling" around the internets (wink) and am lost in all the incredible stuff you can find. I already twittered about one site, where you can make a sketch and it will be transformed into a kaleidoscope. Crack. Pure crack.
Then I found this mosaic, I think I ran across this a long time ago, but had forgotten, click on the link and then keep enlarging it - Van Gogh, Starry Nights. I found a book at the library's used book sale that has photo mosaics in it and they are so appealing to me.

Ok, ahem.

Back in the real world, Merlyn is hanging in there. He is persistent, but certainly no more than me. I am feeding him from a spoon now and also slipping tuna and tuna "juice" into his food to entice him. He is so friggin' hungry. Still purrs like a maniac. The drool is over the top though. Oh my goodness. He can levitate me from a dead sleep with his drooly kisses.

As far as me.......well....true creative energy is hard right now. I am organizing and cleaning the house and the studio. It feels good to purge stuff - piles and piles for recycle, donation, garbage. I am spending a lot of time just hanging out with Merlyn. He inspires me in different ways and I've written some poetry that I am not ready to share just yet.

The sun is shining. The lilac is in bloom. My li'l baby has eaten and is fast asleep. I will cherish this day and each one that follows because I love and am loved. Life is good.


  1. Those links are both so cool! Thanks!

  2. Pure crack is right!! just what i needed more interesting links, you are wicked *wink*!

    My heart goes out to Merlyn, hungry boy...and you for your patience and persistence, what a deep love. of course there is no place you'd rather be than spending every possible moment with him, it's the season under heaven for that right now.

    and could you spin some of that organizational/cleaning energy my way please?


  3. thinking of you and your drool baby...xoxoox

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  5. oh my dog, what a sweeeeet picture of the 3 kids.

  6. Hi, my sweet friend.

    I am really thinking of you these days. I know you cherish every moment with Merlyn. The bond we share with our furry family friends is deeper than we could ever try to explain.
    Hold him tight!



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