Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More TV

I did a little spot on Great Day St. Louis last week. As usual, the people were super nice which helped me relax and do my best. You can click here if you want to watch my segment. There is a cooking section right before hand, but it's pretty interesting, so you might like that too.

My show in Springfield, IL was excellent and I sold a good amount of work. Sadly, the weather really sucked(can you say rain!), but the art patrons of Springfield braved it and came out to support the art fair - such a really super group of people, I just adore them.

John and I brought home a wet tent which is now strewn around our basement as it dries. Ugh, what a mess. You gotta be slightly touched in the head to do this biz for long. I'm in my 6th year, wonder what that says about me.


  1. You are definitely touched in the head...but in a good way. Glad your show was successful!

  2. Hello and thanks for your kind comment on my 3D hot glue post. You asked if you can link to me for your June curatorship? Sure you can! That will be interesting.


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