Thursday, March 24, 2011

of Critters and Classes and The Crud

I have had bronchitis this week, ugh. Finally had to 'give in' to it after my class last week, where I nearly lost my voice. And I woke up Sunday knowing that Urgent Care was really the only answer. Diagnosis Brochitis & Sinus Infection. Levoquin has been the remedy and I will have to say it is working, hooray. But I was housebound from Sunday until Wednesday which is extraordinary for me. I am back to perhaps 80% now.

 So, my first trip out was to see 'Sam' the new Australian Shepherd that my friend Greg and his family got from a rescue. He is so adorable. Perfect really, made me want a dog in the worst way.
 I meant to share this pic the other day when I was talking about my Stratalicious class. See the cute book above? Teresa Holt made that for me after she took my Parts is Parts class last weekend. Was that not so sweet!?!?  It is filled with lovely photos of the class and will be a great keepsake. She also brought me a Cake Pop (can you say teacher's pet!?!) which was a delectable tiny round cake - on a stick! Oh my oh my, I couldn't manage a good photo of it. But suffice to say it was heaven on earth. YUM. I must learn to make them.
And since this is Spring Break week, we had the boys over today. In the studio, as usual, my fave place and I believe one of theirs too. Notice how Jasper hangs out with them - I adore that. I brought home all my art supplies from the Wood Icing store since I don't work there anymore (don't freak anyone, my art is still there and I still teach there). The boys help me consolidate and organize my paint which was not an easy task. Then Papa took them over to Bass Pro Shop where they bought fishing lures. And all were happy in the Shaw household.
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  1. I sure hope you are back to 100% real soon!
    Great pics! Love the one of the boys hard at work!!! And their mascot is so precious! Ha!!
    Love the book art too...very cool!!

  2. Nothing like time in the studio with grandkids. Glad to hear you are felling better and able to have fun with your family again.

  3. Anonymous6:25 PM

    I hope you are taking care of must have been pretty sick to be put on Levoquan (I think I misspelled it). Rest up this weekend!!!

  4. Hope you feel better with each hour now! Sinus infections are just the worst, but boy! Bronchitis on top of it, wow. Do rest and take good care of yourself, even into next week so you don't over do. Ugh. Well, I had a LOOOONG work week and a not-so-great day yesterday, so when I walked in my house and saw a box from you, I was more excited than words can say!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my "baby" painting!!!!!!! It's perfectly wonderfully perfect for me---how did you EVER know that I am a big Moon Lover?! AH! Thank you SO MUCH!!! I think I am the happiest Give Away Winner ever! ~kath


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