Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Yard Dog

When we were in Austin, we visited the Yard Dog gallery. What a fun space, sort of an irreverent alternative take on the traditional gallery concept. Naturally I loved it. That art had a decidedly 'outsider' feel, was sort of retro in nature and there was a good selection of artists. My nephew (at age 10) thought he found his tribe when he saw skeleton references in several pieces, ha! It was cute to observe him looking at art that was so diverse. That kid is uber talented; oh my he is amazing. His Manga sketches are excellent and he recently crafted a movie (of sorts) with character/figures he had made with Legos. He filmed shot by shot using a camera on a small tripod, moving the figures a tiny amount for each shot. It must have taken his forever and it is so cool when you view it all together fast it really reads like a movie. I swear he is a genius. 

But anyway, back to Yard Dogs. When we were there, I adored the exhibit by Bill Miller (that's not his work shown as I couldn't find him on the Yard Dogs site). He crafts his work from vintage linoleum. You must check out his website. I was sooooo enchanted by his work and stared at it long enough that my companions were ready to drag me out; I simply cannot imagine how he achieves the depth and detail in this work. If you go to the Exhibitions page of his site, there is an interview with the artist. And now I think I like him even more.  His interest in the history of his recycled source material is similar to how I feel about all the vintage items I incorporate in my work - like they somehow vibrate stories.

I really wish I would have bought a piece from him. Seeing his work also made me want to resurrect my Common Denominator series. Do you guys ever feel that way, where you want to revisit older work? Ummm, it would be like putting on a wonderful cushy sweater. Now I'm thinking and thinking which is oh-so-dangerous. In my current dream state, I imagine a 3 person show with me, Bill Miller and Dolan Geiman.....all using vintage and found materials in such different ways.....ok, somebody slap me as I have work to do in my real life, hahaha.

Don't forget to enter the Book/Ephemera Give Away (sadly, I have no linoleum to add to the ephemera mix) over on Dolan's site.

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