Saturday, March 26, 2011

On the Easel and On the Table

On the Easel, more Strata. Duh.
 One of the things I did this week was clean the studio and re-organize all the supplies I brought back from the store. I had duplicates of so many things it was crazy and the boys helped me to organize them and consolidate. I am not kidding, they really helped. I am going to put them to work packaging stencils next week, hahaha.
I am so thrilled with the new organization, much easier for me to get to things, plus I have room for expansion (as in new products) oh perish the thought.
On the Table, Artfest samples          

I am getting really excited about Artfest, working on my samples. I ordered and shipped all my supplies yesterday and it felt good to get that out of the way. Still need to tackle the vending issue (that is where the stencil packaging comes in). I have some new product, yippee, not as much as I would have liked, but I did the best I could considering I was sick so much. Pictures coming soon but there is a sneak peek in that 'On the Table' shot.
I am looking forward to a studio weekend, yippee (at least during the days). My studio makes me so happy, I can't possibly tell you how badly I needed to paint.


  1. A big, neat studio...heaven.

  2. I know the feeling! I have been cleaning, sorting and organizing my studio as well! And I am falling in love with it all over again.
    Love your table top photo!!
    Beautiful space too!!

  3. Wow, re-organisng a studio must be sooo therapeutic - I must give it a try one day ;-) Looks fab - I'd love a play in your studio! And I wish I lived near enough to do artfest :-(
    About your comment on my blog - whaddya mean you don't say the word 'whilst'?? I thought we spoke the same language hahaha!!

  4. Really wish I could organize my space like this!! I work like I cook-- messy!!! My dear wife makes fun of me 'cause she says there is more food on the floor than on the plates!


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