Monday, March 21, 2011

Stratalicious, baby and who taught who?

Last Saturday I taught my Stratalicious class for the second time at the Wood Icing store. This has been a popular class which thrills me because I guess a lot of other people like rocks as much as I do, yippee for that. I had a mix of students, some who I knew from art circles around town and others from the decorative finishing business. And my friend Rose (yeah, Rose, as in the creator of Wood Icing, Rose!!) was in my class. And I was nervous because, well, geez, Rose knows all the ins and outs of Wood Icing.

But it all turned out fine with students creating utterly brilliant work. I mean seriously.......look at some of the fresh palette choices that emerged!! I would swear there are actual rocks on these pieces, but no. It's just a little magic with Wood Icing, stencils and texture.
I swear I didn't teach them this, they were just all that brilliant.
This is one of the classes I am offering at Art Unraveled by the way.
Make sure you stop by tomorrow for the contest of the week as we resume the Book Blog Tour.  See you then!!


  1. ohhhhh i love that last one !
    i need to get my wood icing out and play with it...
    i kind of forgot i had it. my bad :(

  2. These are just wonderful. Love the colour palettes and the texturing, oh man. So when are you going to do a teaching DVD?!

  3. Good lord are these gorgeous or what???? This is truly beauitiful work. An artist friend of mine just ordered 3 tubs of the Wood Icing for us to share. I can't wait to get my hands on this stuff. Thank you so much Mary Beth!!!

  4. these pieces are gorgeous! so organic looking


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