Friday, October 07, 2005

Am I on vacation yet?

No of course not. I am playing catch up with all the stuff I have been neglecting while I was doing the shows. And then I had a couple of commissions to finish this week so that meant I couldn't really relax yet. Then of course I heard about some holiday shows so I sent in entries which means if I get in I will obviously have to create some more work.

So no slacking for MB. My friend Michelle says to me, "promise me you will take 7 days of vacation before the end of the year." And I said, "7 consecutive days?" I mean seriously, I don't know if I can take 7 days off. I love what I do for one thing, why would I want 7 days off from it? But Michelle, I know you are reading honey, and I know what you mean. I do need a break. And I will take one. I promise. But first I've got to get some work done.

I did finish the commissions today and Hallelujah for that. A different more neutral color palette but that is what was requested and I was pleased with the result. It was good to finish them and I will feel even better once they are shipped.

And I got rejected from a show this week. The Paper show at the Foundry. Bummer, I wanted to be part of it well duh, I use paper, of course I resonated with the theme. Maybe I use too much paint? Who knows? I haven't gotten a rejection for awhile though and it felt a little weird. But that's ok, just one juror's opinion. Not like 2002 when I got rejected from every single show I entered. That seemed like consensus from a bunch of jurors and it got old really fast.

I have been on an antibiotic, 2 of them actually (don't ask) and now I have a rash. Good grief, what a pain. It is pretty much all over my body, little tiny red dots that itch like a bastard. Called my Dr. and she suggested I take Benadryl. Well you know I need to generally stay awake during the day so that wasn't real handy for me. But I eventually got too itchy and took a pill around 1-ish. About an hour later I was overwhelmingly tired. I couldn't stay awake for anything. So I called for a cat (Merlin obliged) and took a nap in the sun. For like ALL afternoon. I could NOT wake up, I was comatose. Merlin was cozy in my arms and we just lay on the couch for hours. I finally got up around 4:30 and took a shower but was a zombie until dinner time. Now I have kicked back into gear and will probably be up all night.

Before I passed out though I started a new canvas. I have this crazy idea, totally out of my usual theme. In fact, it is more figurative in nature. I am pretty excited about the concept so we will see where this goes. I am hoping to work on it more tomorrow. Or perhaps tonite if I can't sleep.

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