Monday, October 03, 2005

Nah - Mah - Stay

For the last 4 Mondays I have missed Yoga - various reasons.......I was sick, we were out of town, just getting back in to town, it was a holiday or some such nonsense. I have been muddling along doing Yoga on my own but it simply isn't the same. So it felt absolutely wonderful to return to my favorite class tonight. Rhonda leads such a rigorous workout I was pleased I could keep up. By the time we got to Savasana, I know I was good and ready.

Savasana is corpse pose, otherwise known as total relaxation, and it is done at the end of our Yoga practice. I think probably all Yoga students love Savasana more than any other pose or at least I do. The opportunity to go into such a deep pose, which completely quiets the mind and body is of vital importance to the overall practice. Plus it feels soooo good.

So we were just beginning when I heard a woman (a Yoga student arriving early for the next class) outside the open window right above my head. She was talking on her cell phone and had a rather distinctive (grating, annoying, piercing) voice. She was going on and on, blah dee blah, laughing, blah, blah, etc., quite loud really. I was trying as hard as I could to focus on the relaxation at hand and ignore her but it was so hard. I was having all sorts of un-Yoga-like thoughts such as jumping up and yelling "shut the fuck up" out the window. I did manage to control myself though until she ended her conversation with "nah-mah-stay." Said in her grating annoying twang of a voice. Three times to be exact since the person on the other end of the phone was apparently not schooled in Yoga. So then she explained, "oh it's a Yoga thing."

Literal translation of Namaste is "I bow to you." It is a gesture acknowledging the divine in each of us, kind of like souls bowing to one another.

Um yeah, something like that....I was having such inappropriate thoughts I probably need to spend a little more time with the concept.......

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