Thursday, October 20, 2005

I got more than I could ax for the words of Buddy Guy.

My morning walk was late, almost eleven before I got my butt in gear. I listened to this psychotic mix of Gipsy Kings, French rock classics, David Gray and Buddy Guy and wow did it get me going.

I am in a bit of a mania or I am twirling as Claire would say and I like that analogy because it seems so accurate. The very best thing about being like this is the heightened senses, my eyes, my ears, my hands, my tastebuds......they have all blurred together. It's as if I can feel and hear the colors, taste and touch the sounds. I feel surrounded by beauty from the alizarin crimson of the changing tree leaves(probably the poison ivy which always turns into a stunning yet dangerous color) to the crunch of acorns on the sidewalk. Yesterday when I was working on my painting I became so mesmerized by the various blues I used in the upper part of the painting. I was sitting on my tarp, legs stretched in front of me and working extremely wet, using a spray bottle of water in one hand and a hair dryer in the other, directing the flow of paint as I had the canvas propped up against my feet as an easel. I was a total mess afterwards as your might imagine. My bare feet were stained with various hues.

But I digress.

The commission meeting went very well. It is a go! And I am so excited because this is the largest project I have done and it will take me months to complete. I am thrilled to have this opportunity; it feels so special to be chosen for the job of memorializing 5 generations of a family in a painting of this size, 6ft x 4 ft. I may or may not be able to do the FL Art Fair season (assuming I even get in to any of those shows) depending on how this work progresses. We will see.

I am incredibly busy all of a sudden, I can't imagine how I thought I was going to have "down" time after the shows ended. What the heck was I thinking!!?!??! Anyway, next week I hang a show at Fleishman-Hillard, 10-20 pieces. Then the following week I pull down the show that is at Washington Press. On December 7th I hang a solo show at Subterranean Books Gallery, opening to be December 9th. On Dec. 3rd I have a small art fair I am doing. And I entered another one for Dec. 10-11 but I haven't heard whether I am accepted to that one or not. Plus I thought I would deliver entry for jurying in the Women's Caucus Body and Soul show. This being largely dependent on whether I can manage to finish this new painting in time. I have some final work to do on it today and should just head downstairs and do it already.

Good thing I am twirling.

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