Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Constant Gardener

After riding yesterday, (I've just been dying to throw this phrase around, "ah yes, after riding," "when I came in from my ride, dahling".....well you get the idea). And yes, that would be like ON a of my friends had to query me and when I told her I was learning to ride a horse she laughed (she being a person who was born on a horse and takes this for granted) and said, "lessons, what do you mean lessons, you just get on the horse and ride....." Oh well Rhonda, I am a little wussy girl, you know that.

But anyway, after riding yesterday, I took a long shower cause I was freezing my ass off, then piled on a bunch of clothes(still freezing my ass off) and John and I went to lunch and a movie. We saw The Constant Gardener
which was terrific. I would definitely recommend the movie - it is suspenseful and visually stunning yet also gut wrenching in theme and significance. Now I know it's a work of fiction but it had such a grain of truth to it. It has that conspiracy thing going on..... where passionate people are working to get to the truth. I always dig this sort of story-line because I am wired that way too, imagine many things as a conspiracy. And in my imaginary life I am bold and impassioned enough to pursue these matters of the under dog.

Of course in real life I am still just a wussy girl who needs lessons to ride a horse.

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