Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dead Can Dance

Wow, what a concert. Here's the site if anyway wants to check out out. It was fabulous, I swear portions of it were nearly a religious experience. Of course I got a t-shirt, the long sleeve model which is nice and skinny. Afterwards we had a cab ride with a driver who must have recently transferred from NY, yeesh, it was kind of hilarious really as we absolutely flew through the streets in record time. But he delivered us to the House of Blues where we heard some good music and had a light bite. We are staying at the House of Blues Hotel which is pretty cool; very kitschy artsy decor punctuated with a ton of outsider art that I hope is really what it appears and not mass produced like those horses in front of all the PF Changs.

Lots of shopping yesterday and I went to the Jeans store I used to frequent in SF which specializes in imports and lesser known brands. I tried on about 10 pairs and finally made a selection of Red Engine which I don't think is an import but it's a new brand for me and most importantly, these jeans were designed for my body. They are simply perfect, cashmere soft and faded in all the right places. Naturally I need to have a good portion cut off so I will have them hemmed once I get home.

Got a call from my commission client who received her package yesterday with the two pieces in it. She called to express her delight at my work (oh what a way to start the day!!!) and said they will be unveiled this weekend at a party for her husband. also said she would be calling me that sounds good.

Claire and I are off for more shopping today I think. There is a store with all kinds of funky sneakers........

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