Saturday, October 01, 2005

Mary Beth "Whatever the name of the show is"

I am at the Historic Shaw Art Fair this weekend. It has been an amazing show so far, simply gorgeous weather for one thing plus I am selling a lot of work including one of my very B-I-G pieces that sold ten minutes after 5 today which was pretty cool and thank goodness we had the bubble wrap!

Anyway, the best comment of the day.........this guy walks in, takes a look at my name sign which clearly says, Mary Beth Shaw and remarks dryly, so, you are Mary Beth "whatever the name of the show is?" I laughed out loud and said, yeah, like last week I was Mary Beth Plaza. In May I was Mary Beth Laumeier, etc. He cracked up everyone in the booth. And so the day went, fun all around; everyone was in such a good mood. It is a nice way to end a wonderful season.

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