Wednesday, October 26, 2005

How many scanners can a girl ruin in 30 days?

Well I have crapped out another scanner. In warranty (hooray) this time so Canon is sending us another one. This obviously delays my work as I can't get started on any of the commissions (I have 3 stacked up) without my scanner. Not that I was going to start them anyway but it's as good an excuse as any.

And in other news, I was accepted into Artigras, a Florida show scheduled for February. I should be getting news on some of the other FL shows within the next 10 days and then it's decision time as to whether we are doing it or not. "It" being the FL thing. Artigras is the one I really wanted although I am not sure why since it is not as highly ranked as some of the others. But word of mouth for one thing - other artists seem to think it's a good show. Plus some people who bought my work thought it would be a great venue for me. Plus George Whipple, the patriarch of the Whipple clan told me it is better than Coconut Grove in his opinion, like the new Coconut Grove. I met George at the Plaza show, our booths were back to back and he was a major league sweetie. He has been around the circuit for 35 years and I just feel like George knows what the heck is going on. Plus he brought me chocolate every day during the show which makes him numero uno in my book.

So John and I are both in bad moods, trying to out-bitch each other. I think I am winning, actually I know I am winning. I have had a lot more practice for one thing plus I started earlier today or maybe even last night. That scanner issue, right after I woke up (I was still on my first cup of coffee) did not help. I spent an hour or more working on it till I was frustrated, angry and just generally pissy. John took over and worked on it for 4(!) hours until he became frustrated. He has a much longer fuse that I do, oh what a surprise you might say!?!?! And those of you who know John are simply nodding your heads. He finally talked to Canon and that's when they said they would send a new scanner. I tried to boost my mood by working in the studio a bit and I tore my big closet apart, threw some shit away, reorganized some other shit. Sanded some 6x6's and cut out some images. But I couldn't really work; I just kept staring at the images and had no inspiration whatsoever. I didn't feel funny, I suddenly hated all my images and couldn't think of any remotely amusing commentary about any of them. I hate it when I get like this. Ugh. I finally ended up painting some papers for the Saturday Monday Sale Not sure whether I am going to sell the papers as is or whether I am going to make stuff with them. But it soothes me to paint.

And I feel like knitting tonite. I haven't knit anything for several months, it always seems like a "winter" activity to me. I want to make a purse though, I saw this very cute funky little purse on Carol Duvall the other day and I want to try to make one.

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  1. yay!
    a saturday monday sale plug! i love it!

    good luck finding your muse, dear! she is just in the bottom of your big closet, i think!



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