Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Beauty Queens

This is one of the collages I delivered yesterday to my client, a doctor, who bought 3 6x6's.
Turns out he is a plastic surgeon which may come in handy should I go nuts and decide I want my eyes done or something.

Anyway, this particular piece pretty much exemplifies my odd sense of humor. I think it is hysterically funny to the point I almost didn't want to sell it. I was pleased the Dr. got it. And yeah, I realize not everyone does, like my husband for instance, frequently doesn't get my work.

So when I made the delivery his receptionist was checking out the art and she actually read the caption aloud, enunciating each word carefully. She then looked at me with a serious yet puzzled expression and said, "I'm sorry, but I don't get this....."


  1. i get it....and i adore your take on the species!

  2. Those who know you, get it LOL !!!
    Maybe you should do a male version, but the answer would be so simple and EVERYONE would get it....what species uses somethng other then his brain to think with ???

  3. fabu...

    maybe the receptionist was using her quills?



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