Thursday, April 06, 2006

I haven't talked about my big commission lately. It is done and waiting for my traveling client to return home - standing patiently in the dining room it is. I will deliver on Tuesday after which time I will share some photos. It simply doesn't seem appropriate to put up photos when the client hasn't seen it yet.

Part of my agreement was to furnish high quality reproductions which is why I took the piece over to my photographer. He photographed it and is now making the repros. Yesterday I went over to preview and hopefully approve the quality and color.

Like me, Greg has his studio in the basement of his house. It is a mixed-use space with his camera equipment, framing stuff, kid's toys, computer parts and workout machines all co-mingling. He is totally out of table space and improvises like I do. We walked to the "bed" display surface and I saw the repro. It was gorgeous, very crisp in appearance with highly saturated color. In a word, amazing.

As we were admiring the print I sensed movement out of the corner of my eye. Greg and I both responded a second too late as his exuberant puppy ran into the room and leaped onto the bed. She landed in the middle of the print. We both stood silent, paralyzed with shock. Incredibly, the dog only dented the side, but it is still ruined.

Luckily it can be re-printed. Which has been done and they are now ready for pick up. Whew.

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