Thursday, April 20, 2006

Well, we made it to Chattanooga in record time. Got a very late start this morning due to my pesky headache; kind of a migraine/sinus combo. It took some extra time for me to be human. The drive, once we got going, was uneventful which is always good.

This is the Rest Stop bird, last stop in Illinois before you hit Kentucky. We were eating our lunch in a little shelter area (since it was raining)and I looked up and there she was. Very sweet, definitely the high point of my day.

Other things from the road:

In Metropolis, IL you can see the world's largest Superman statue should you so desire.

And Joe Bob's Flower Shop on Highway 24 in whoknowswhere, KY.

Chattanooga is cute and kind of quaint. It is set among hills/mountains/water (Lookout Mountain which I visited as a kid is here). The town has a small arts district which seemed nice and I am hoping I can check it out later. We are staying downtown near the festival. The show is in a Pavilion which means we have a roof over all the tents creating a little outdoor mall of sorts. Very good idea in the Spring when it could rain at any moment.

Out hotel is an extended stay spot filled with mainly artists based on the number of cargo vans. We got a terrific "artist" rate so we have a bedroom, living area and full kitchen. Huge bathroom. Since I knew we would have the kitchen I brought a cooler with Kefir (which I drink in the mornings) and Super Cee that I bought for John because it has like 5000% vitamin C. And nuts of course, but I always have them with me, raw unsalted ones, cashews and almonds. Basically I am happy as a little clam.

We will set up in the morning then have a break before the Preview party starts at 5pm. Very civilized.

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  1. Good Luck Girl !!!! Sounds like you are ready to knock em dead. Have a great show !!!!!


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