Sunday, April 16, 2006

Whew, Venus Envy is over. It was wild, risque, over the top at times but mainly just fun. And despite my whining about the late hours, that I'm too old and not hip enough, I will probably apply again next year. I was happy to sell a decent amount of work, nine pieces to be exact. Only thing left to do is teardown which I believe is on Monday maybe? And then I deliver the pieces.

Oddly, an artist friend of mine (not in the show) could not believe I was going to deliver. She said, "you're the artist, tell them where they can pick it up." Well, you know what, that's not how I operate. These people bought the art at a show where it needed to hang till the end. It's not like it's a gallery where they can return to pick it up. So I do think it's my responsibility to arrange delivery and try to accommodate my customers. That's how I operate my business.

Now for some details and high points about the show. If you consider yourself prudish, or on the conservative side, or (God Forbid) if my Mom is reading, STOP RIGHT NOW.

1. Best dressed - this is a tie between 3 people......the blond guy (?) from Friday night wearing very snug black satin lingerie boy shorts with a matching bustier, red thigh highs and 10" platform shoes. Accessorized with a top hat and cut away jacket........or perhaps it was the very fit and athletic woman with hot pink spiked hair wearing all leather, a lace up vest and short skirt, fishnet hose, biker boots........or no, perhaps it was the heavily pierced guy with a shaved head who was wearing an authentic kilt (and no, I didn't peek) with his biker t-shirt glammed up with outrageous glitzy jewelry including a diamond encrusted spider brooch.

2. Best art - well, that would have to be Rhonda or Stephanie Kirkland. Too bad neither of them have websites and too bad dummy me didn't pull out my camera. They both sold some pieces too so we were three happy girls.

3. Best food , had to be Preview party night, sushi was a nice touch. The martinis were top notch too. I so want one of those martini dispensing frozen sculptures for my house.

4. Best entertainment - without question, the pole dancers. They were on our stage tonite, the final act. Two women, hard bodies, no fake parts. I was absolutely spellbound by their strength, their beauty and certainly their humor. Their first routine was a nun/schoolgirl act which was hilarious and yeah, sure it was sacrilegious, but still a riot. I mean when have you seen a nun pole dancing? I found their entire show amazing. And oh do I want a pole now(my birthday is coming up) as I am suddenly ready to exercise again.

Thanks so much to my friends who came.......John, Darryl, Jane, Heidi, Claire. I hope you all enjoyed the show and had a good time. It can be raucous but I trust none of you were too shocked. It's all good fun in the spirit of supporting diverse personal expression. And sorry some of you missed it, primarily my John, Bud, Marian. I wish you would all get over this illness you seem to be passing around. And don't give it to me, ok?

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  1. Shocked?! Hell, no! I'm pissed that I couldn't have stayed longer to see the Peep Show. I had trouble staying awake enough to drive home (but it had more to do with my insomnia of the night before, than with the "late" hour--and my hurting feet, just need to get used to my boots)


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