Monday, April 03, 2006

With success inevitably comes failure or disappointment. Or so I tell myself.
I have been rejected from another show. Oh yeah, I know it sounds better to say "not accepted." I even looked at the dictionary to see if I could play a semantics game and come up with something better.
Throw back. Rebuff, repel, repulse. Spew out.
The Thesaurus wasn't much better:
2 something separated from a group or lot for not being as good as the others. CULL.
Oh, that makes me feel better.......
It was the Foundry Painting show. I sooooo wanted to get in this show. The juror was Victor Wang, who I don't know but I saw a show of his paintings last year. I nearly fell on my knees in awe of his lush and passionate work.
So I put together my favorite group of abstracts. My most passionate and heartfelt work; work I practically bled on. But, know........"not selected." I am not sure what I think about this. I am being accepted by some of the best and most prestigious fine art fairs in the country. I've been recognized in many positive ways. Yet I long for more. I don't think I am greedy, perhaps ambitious is a better word.
b : having a desire to achieve a particular goal : ASPIRING.
Yeah, that must be it.


  1. Keep your chin are doing great. Remember...if one door closes, another one (a hell of a lot better) will open for you. Besides, I get to see you in Madison and that's all that matters...hee, hee

  2. Anonymous4:21 PM

    I say, to hell with Victor and his Wang.

    Actually, his work is pretty amazing! Sorry you weren't selected for this particular show. Fret not, oh talented one.

  3. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Gee . . . i'm wondering if you are sad because you did not get in the show, or that VW rejected you.

    His work is amazing the first time you see it, predictable the second.

    A rejection here and there will keep you from becoming predictable too.


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